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I guess I can finally play MapleStory? Is the game fixed! Is Story back in Maple[b]Story[/b]! With this new MISS Formula it is kind of making me happy. I know lots of people are angry at it, but I am not. Before, BB we use to grind at monsters that were extreamly off our level. Playing GrindStory Now 1lvs apart = 5% Miss , 20lvs apart = 100% Miss But now can we actually play REAL MapleStory like other MMOs? What I mean is can we play all 100% quest base. In the quest menu we can view the quests (ALL QUESTS or MY LEVEL QUESTS) If we click my level quest and follow that, it will tell us where to train since we have to train any monster same level us or lower! and at the same time we get BOUNS EXP since we finished. Once we run out quest for t