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Thoughts on going 2h Blunt I remember when I used to use the Wooden Mallet ~ The Blessing just because the weapons and the sound effect sounded so cool. I also remembered when we maxed out Blunt mastery, our swing would be an orange-ish color with a little more pazaz to it. But with the introduction of Post-BB and all that mess, I switched over to sword for speed and damage. Hearing of the news that a Rosary can have the same effects as a shield, I am leaning towards coming back to being a 2H Blunt user again. Any thoughts on this?

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P/c on some things please 1)Infinite Magic Arrows (Level 120 Mercedes Arrows) -Legendary Pot, 60% Boss, 3 Lines -18% PDR Neb -No Bonus Potential added 2)Falcon Wing Sentinel Suit (Level 140 Bowman Overall) -+34 STR -+42 DEX -+16 W. ATT -5 Enhancements, 2 Hammers used. -Epic Pot, 2 Lines. -No Bonus Potential added 3)Falcon Wing Sentinel Gloves (Level 140 Bowman Gloves) -+16 STR -+16 DEX -+33 W. ATT -1 Enhancement, 2 Hammers used. -Unique Pot, 6% All Stat, 3 Lines -No Bonus Potential added I've had these for the longest before I quit for a year, and I need a price check on any of them for Windia. I am willing to trade up for %STR equips as well. Also if you are interested in any of them, please PM me or add me in game. IGN: SoCalBaby

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Like this Like that Ever since Basilmarket has implemented the "Like the comment" option, I've noticed more and more people begging for likes and giving troll comments rather than giving useful answers. Not to put his name out there, but one of the members on Basilmarket even started to make a bold statement somewhere along the lines of: "If you think this comment has helped in any way, please press the thumbs up button --->!" Really? Really? Is that necessary? I guess Basilmarket has become Youtube.. where people beg for likes and give non-relevent answers.

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