General Mage

phantom thief skills Really? phantom thief legend gets this skill "Luck of the Phantom Thief - Active Effect: Instead of dying, the buff is consumed [300 MP is used]. Passive Effect: Permanently increase your LUK [+60 LUK]" so now theres no use to a bishop or evan if someone on a thief legend has decent adv bless and the phantom luck skill.... uggh. the class is stupid, but their skills.. OH MY GOD? he gets shadow shifter 30 @ first job. a +90luk icnrease at 3rd job. they also have a skill to become invincible...power guard, a 40% damage reduction buff... aswell as a 30% damage increase/30% def ignore buff.... HONESTLY? what ever happened to having unique classes with class-specific skills.

General Regions

pre-release download linkpath info THIS IS RELEVANT ONLY TO THE PLAYERS ABLE TO PLAY TESPIA. go to[official tespia website] and login, if your redirected back to the page you are not able to play tespia] tespia should be online tonight or tomorrow morning. for those who have the google chrome download glitch where you cannot download the tespia files use this link. once tespia goes online this link will work, nexon hasnt uploaded the files yet -> as with every tespia link thread I post people think its not a maplestory website. please keep in mind its, the official maplestory website address. install the files[it t

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