Lucky Winter 2x Drop Rate somewhat confirmed Got bored so I decided to keep track of my evolving coin drops this last 2x event. (Somewhat relevant) I will be repeating this experiment again soon using 5 pieces of +20% gear, 2x drop & lucky winter in order to determine whether drop gear is additive or multiplicative. So look forward to that I guess Run 1 : Big Spider. 485 Coins gained. Run 2 : Lucky Winter : 694 Coins gained. Run 3 : Same as above but 2x drop event started. 1545 Coins gained. Run 4 : Swapped Lucky Winter for Shiny Easter Egg Buff. No more 20% Drop Cores for the center core slot. 1315 Coins Gained Run 5 : Same as above. 1306 Coins Gained Run 6 : Shiny Easter Egg Buff ran out. Switching back to Lucky Winter. 1364 Coins Gai


BUY YOUR TREASURE DETECTORS BY HOLDING DOWN Y ON A LVL 30- CHAR IN EVENT HALL All relevant maps Sleepywood not included because it's obvious enough that if you don't get it right away you need to get checked for a mental illness. Vic Island Map : Ludi Map : Aqua Road Map : Nihal Desert Map : Edelstein Mine Map : Mu Lung Map : Opened 500 boxes Got 80 clean slate 1%s 60 lucky days 3 9th anniversary armor scrolls didn't keep track of anything else see application of treasure hunt rewards here:

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