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Samsung Galaxy S2 or iPhone 4s? Hey guys, I'm planning to get a new phone. Which one do you think is better? Also, if you have either of the phones, how long is the battery life (on standby and during constant music playback?) Gimme some pros/cons for each cause both seem really nice and idk which I want. I've heard some things about the battery life on the S2 not being very long. edit: I'm not really planning on getting either one for its camera quality, app market, customization etc. I just want a nice phone for txting, wifi usage whenever needed, and hopefully if it can fit into the backpocket of skinny jeans. Not sure if the backpocket of that is the same as normal jeans. Yeah ok I know the backpocket thing sounds stupid.

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PHYSICS QUESTION for all you science people! felt like putting up a question for people here who might wanna try their luck at this question. mind you i have the answer and a method (there might be more than one method to reach the answer). so good luck :) "Jock is at the Highland Games. He swings a 5.0 kg ball and chain at 80(degrees) to the vertical. The radius of rotation is 1.0metres. Calculate the period." (sorry for all u guys who use feet or w/e. we use metric system here lol)

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HELP: Character stuck in 6 path crossway map. Map glitched? I now have 2 of my characters stuck in the maps of 6 path crossway. 1 is in a map west of ellinia, heading towards 6 path crossway. And the other is directly in the 6 path crossway map. Is there anyone else who has this problem? Whenever I try to login with those characters, my client immediately closes. I only see the map background for half a second before getting kicked out. Hp/mp bars do not load, hotkeys, minimap, character name, etc. If anyone knows any information about this, is in this situation like me, or has ANY possible sensible solutions, please help me out.

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Need some help with Physics :/ question is: Light of wavelength 590nm is incident normally on a diffraction grating having 750 lines per millimetre. The diffraction grating formula may be expressed in the form dsin(theta) = n(lameda) Calculate the value of d, in metres for this grating I can just find the answer in the mark scheme i have here since i'm doing a past paper, but that won't do me any good. Can someone explain why it has to be 1/(750x10^3)? how does n and (lameda) = 1?