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Generate Pokemon directly into xy or oras Pokedit has released their QR Injector! With it you can easily import pkx files (PkHeX) into your game. It's pretty easy to use and doesn't even require an external device. [url=]QR Injector Link[/url] [url=]PkHex Download Link[/url] Step 1. Create a Pokemon file with PKHeX Step 2. Put the file into the QR injector Step 3. Open up XY/ORAS Step 4. Make Box 1 Slot 1 empty Step 5. Press the Home Button Step 6. Press L & R button to activate camera Step 7. Scan the QR code Step 8. Select OK and wait for success & then browser crash Step 9. Click OK and go back into game Step 10. Check Box 1 Slot 1 If y


Got S rank medal instead of Ss rank medal I had to practice quite a bit to get SS on wall Rose and Odm training. Mobility along with rock paper scissors was trial and error. In the end though I was able to SS all 4 objectives. Of course I didn't take any screenies to prove my achievements so now I'm probably screwed over. >.< The only reason I can think of myself not getting the medal is because when I did mobility training it wouldn't give me boxes. (The training was bugged for myself for a while until a maintenance occurred) So when I got SS I never got a box, which meant Nexon didn't record it. GG Nexon. [url=]Maple Forums

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