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Adobe After Effects Cc vs. C6 I'm trying to get back into making AMVs but Sony Vegas's preview goes so slow that I can't even preview the video correctly (I'll just see frame, pause, frame, etc. over and over till it's done. After like 20 times of replaying it it'll run somewhat smooth but it's a hassle). Instead, I want to try AAE since I have a Macbook as my primary computer and I'm hoping it'll run better than Sony Vegas. Right now, I can't decide whether to get CC or C6 because the main difference that appeals to me for making AMVs is the mask tracker thing that supposedly makes it so you don't have to mask things frame-by-frame. But since I haven't really used AAE before I'd like to get opinions on it before going to the hassle of choo

General Shade

Laptop Overheating Ever since I began playing GMS again (yesterday, after the newest patch) my computer has been overheating and then going into standby. Before this I played LunaMS until the Ereve Network was closed and had no problems with it. I would say I took roughly a 1-2 week break between the PS and GMS and didn't use the laptop at all since I use my Macbook for everything besides Maplestory so I doubt taking a break would have done anything. It is summer now so that MIGHT be the cause but I highly doubt it since I was trying to play in my basement, which is easily 70 degrees or cooler, and I pointed a fan at my laptop as well to keep it cool. This is the first year that this has happened and since it was working fine I don't really