General Ems

After Pmd returns, I get a Silver Clove Axe for 100k? So this morning this noob/beginner/random guy asked me for some mesos and stuff, mistaking me for somebody else who had promised him stuff. So then he started being polite and was about to give him 100k when he randomly puts in a Silver Clove Axe, saying much about it. I don't know how he got it because I think he was around Level 20, and he was asking for money. Should I be weary of it, or just accept it and sell it on for more? (the only warrior I have is an Aran)

General Gms

Possibly joining Gms, which world is good for beginners? I'm contemplating joining GMS while still having EMS incase of server issues, hackers, dupers etc. Which world is good for players who aren't *great* at playing MS and has a good economy and community? I'd make a poll (as my top 4 are Windia, Chaos, Scania and Broa) but I'd like to know everyone's opinions. If anybody in these worlds would like to help me get started in w/e world, I'd be grateful and return the favour as soon as I could. ;)