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I dont know what to do with my mom anymore She's been so on and off, so unstable, it's ruining my life. I couldn't imagine anybody else's mother doing the things my mom does. She's so quick to judge, so quick to presume even the wildest things, and so quick to go off. She has been working hard to support my piano tuition fees (100 per lesson), and it does stress her out when I'm not performing at top-notch level. It stresses her out to the point where she could scream and thrash all around the house, all while throwing things and breaking things (which includes my metronone, sheet music, iPod, watch, etc..). She does nothing but either look at me like I'm some kind of pile of fresh excrement, or regard me as the best child in the world, and

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Modellin Agency Interview Hi, so I have an interview with a modelling agency this Saturday, and I've never done this before so I'm kinda nervous about it. I forgot to ask so many questions when they called, and now I'm having anxiety. If anybody's ever done this before, feel [i]absolutely[/i] free to let me in on things. To add on, I've never had a job before (15 years), so I have no experience whatsoever regarding just about everything - the interview, the process, etc...

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Post Your Picture Thread [b]Under ' consent, this new thread is to be the continuation of the old one.[/b] Greetings Basilers, and welcome to the post your picture thread! This thread is catered for users who wish to upload a picture of themselves, and serves as a means to reduce spam in the chat section and to keep the forums a little more organised. If you feel like sharing your picture, then please read the rules first before posting. Thanks. [b]Currently updated to all the previous posts on the old thread.[/b] Rules: - Please keep all comments civil. Any attacking, trolling or flaming in the comments will be reported. - Your face must be visible in the picture for it to be added to the list below. - Do not post fake pictures. - Use tiny

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Ressurected Dual Blade Alright, so I'm back from (maybe) a 1 year break, and I have no idea what in bloody Norma is going on. I'm seeing all these new events and things and my brain is just in pieces right now. Anyway, I've got 36k (broke and can't merch - probably why I quit in the first place), nothing to sell, no guild, no friends (anymore), and not much to do. What to do? (p.s if any of you are so kind enough to donate anything useful at all to me, it would be greatly appreciated :)

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