About world Mergerine hi friends!some of you know me,some don't.imKabooky of Broa,Koroa,w.e..... I been mapling 13 years now,and if wanna nice server,that has 1 good dude in it,well then come here!we can have much fun,i work 6 days a week but I maple everyday,yes I'm the fame guy or I used to be,number1 for fame for a few years,i even been number 1 for lvl ranks in GMS.if bored of ur server why not broa? I'malsoage44andlikelilgirls, but that's not important.so cmon! also I'm not pro and I'm not leader in the guild I'm in butwe can still have fun! ever been in a kabooky boss parade? didn't think so!i like movies and nachos we can talk about them if you can stand my typing errors,come come come to Broa ty.for your consideration