alternate options for rollbacks? last time, i remember nexon did something else instead of a rollback that just made duped items disappear. tell me if im wrong but i dont think it was a rollback cuz the said duped item i had was bought months ago before they made it disappear arent there any other options nexon can use instead of rollbacks that u can think of? sure it helps with the economy but its also an unfair disadvantage to the rest of the players who made some sort of progress in the game

General Tech

samsung phone problem i have a samsung phone that i bought which had an internal storage of 8GB i just recently noticed tho that i only have 1.69GB in total for internal storage...wtf? now it all makes sense why i never had enough space even for 10 apps/games did this happen to anyone else with their samsung phones? samsung has been really disappointing, im thinking of going back to apple :/ their phones are friggin slow, u cant open up gallery if u dont have enough space...etc. only good thing about samsung is their customization features and their cheaper price. other than that, they suck ass :/

General Art

aint it rude to ask for free drawings? whenever i see someone asking for a request/free drawing, i cant help but think it's kinda rude. i mean i have a buddy whos a professional graffiti artist and obviously, it takes lots of effort and time to make art. plus, if u ask someone for a free drawing, isnt it kinda implying that their art isn't good enough to be paid for? im pretty sure all artists out there spend at least 5+ hours on their work. they deserve to be paid if u ask me. idk, this is just my personal thought. not sure if anyone will agree tho cuz pretty much EVERYONE here asks for free drawings. this doesn't apply if the artist is actually taking requests tho of course. what do u guys think.