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GMS v.151 - Rising Heroes Echoes of Darkness Update Highlights *sneaks in covering face with hands feeling like a major idiot* Hiya Basilers, Egads, this wasn't the right moment for me to sign up as "update notification person" after all! So little time and so much to do. [i]Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa[/i]. Sorry for being hopelessly late and the resident site doofus (I'm staying away from my banhammer today, that's for sure) and for the sake of "better late than never"; here are Nexon's update highlights on v.151: [header]v.151 - Rising Heroes: Echoes of Darkness Update Highlights[/header] On July 9, say hello to Shade, Maple World's forgotten hero. Read on to learn all about MapleStory's newest playable character. Many

General Shade

West Side Story in the Art/Screen section Hey guys, I received a couple of warnings from people that stuff's getting a little hot in the Art/Screen section. Apparently there are two groups who are going around liking their own work and disliking the work of the opposing group. I've personally managed to identify only one group, which appears to have Doutei and Msstopposting as central figures. All accusations of "circle jerking" are by Doutei, who feels targeted by the opposing group, but does not take responsibility for the sarcastic and sometimes hateful comments he and Msstopposting post in reply to the drawings by the "opposing faction" and also random screens they don't like. Even Icephoenix, who normally likes herself a good fight, ra