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Temporarily taking Pokemon Gen 6 requests CLARIFICATION: You are not limited to Gen 6 Pokemon, I can do any Pokemon. I just have Pokemon Y and X. No payment necessary. Just give me time. :) Yes, I will be using a Powersav. I'm a criminal scum, get over it. Maximum 3 Pokemon per person please. I am only one person. :~( I will NOT manipulate Pokemon's level or EV. Please do this training yourself. This also means I will give you pre-evolutions. :D Some Pokemon may be trade restricted. __e.g.: Shiny Meloetta, Hoopa, Shiny Yveltal/Xerneas__. :3 You may trade me your own Pokemon and I can change : +shiny/modify IV/gender swap/nature change. +Shiny WILL change OT#, not name. **PM with this information:** Pokemon: Gender: (If any) Shiny: Yes/No Na