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Gigas Wave hitting 4 mobs Hey guys I'm faced with a little dilemma that maybe you guys can help me resolve. I restarted a Kaiser recently and while I was not able to obtain the oh-so-amazing +1 attack speed inner ability (...yet) I was left with "Number of enemies hit by multi-target skill +1" As a Kaiser, nearly all my mobbing skills hit 12mobs already, even that is more than necessary let alone 13 mobs. I was ready to reset this until I messed around with it for a bit and noticed that Gigas Wave in Final Form now hits 4 mobs instead of 3 So,**long story short:** Vote on the poll and weight in your thoughts please <3 Also on another note, is it possible to get +1 attack speed still if I were to lock +1 mob when reseting. +1 mo

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Inner Abilities Dilemma Greetings fellow DBs, Many of you are familiar with the skill Final Cut, the amazing skill that gives us a huge damage boost via a buff ..But the buff only last 60sec and have a cooldown of 90sec With me wanting this to last forever (or as close to it as possible), I have spent the past day or 2 at Azwan getting my honor to lv 30 for 2 lines of abilities as well as many circulators After spending 60 or so of my circulators I now only have 37 Rank 8 ones left with [S] 14% chance for cooldown ignore and [B] 150 accuracy as my current inner abilities My question [b](TL;DR)[/b]: Should I spend the rest hoping for +buff duration or keep the 14% chance to ignore cooldown And is lets say around 20% +buff duration (about 12s


Cant Enhance after socket? Edit: NVM, I forgot about the slots need to be all used up before Enhancing. Sorry for the confusion. It seems to me that you are not about to enhance your weapon after you added sockets to them Is it suppose to be like this or another glitch o.o I was trying to delete my archer to make a BaM for the 1+1 event and the archer had an untradeable AEE so i thought i did use it on my vepar knuckle (lv 130) when I try to notice comes up saying you cant use it on this item Anyone else experiencing this?


Seriously Nexon? Come on Fix the auto ban system... Last week my main account was false banned for a month when I was deleting a group from my buddy list, which should move all the buddies in that group to the default one I got a spam of "You already made request with the user" or something like that After i close them all I got disconnected, when i try to log in again i was banned for a month Sent a ticket, still no response except for the second automatic follow up email that I got this morning Yeah, ok i realize I will be unbanned before nexon even reads my ticket So I restarted a new account, planning on playing that till i get unbanned, and making it a back up incase something like this happen again Just few minutes ago I was