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General Updates

Is Maplestory working for you guys? I downloaded the new patch and everything then when I hit the play button; everything seemed to be loading fine; the hackshield loaded then I waited.... and waited.... and waited... then finally about 10 minutes later the black cipher thing popped up in the corner and loaded then I got a error thing saying I've been disconnected fromt he log in server........ I've been trying play for 3 hours now and get the same message every time. Is anyone else getting this message? :~( :~( :~(

General Updates

Loading problem? Okay so I decided to re-download Maplestory so I could play on a blaze wizard for a bit and when I started playing I kept lagging really bad and kept getting this message that said a GM kicked me for a "HACK" reason (obv I wasn't hacking lol i think it was because I was lagging so much). It'd kick me then I'd just re-login and train a bit more until I got the message again. Until finally Maplestory crashed and ever since then, every time I try and launch the game via website page OR game launcher, it crashes at the jumping mushroom loading screen. I'm literally the dumbest person when it comes to anything computer related.. All I know is I'm on a laptop and it has windows 7. Idk anything about RAM or anything tech