Can you give me a P/C? heeey guys, I have some items I would like some P/Cs on. (this is Scania). Varkit (purple glow): 9 luk 107 att 1 wep def o___o 4 avoidablility I worked a 10% and 6 60%s on it...if that helps the P/C Metus (blue glow D:) 105 att 6 accuracy 11 speed 6 60%s worked on it.. Diamond wand (blue glow): 7 int 69 wep att <3 121 magic att Ragged black cape 2 magic att and finally, a Scar (STR) 17/15/15/17 (clean) POT: 2lined ]: 3% STR, +4 str I would appreciate it if I could get a P/C on any of these items thanks for your time :D