General Kaiser

Kaiser Funding Questions Hello, I have recently decided to stop funding my dark knight and move onto my kaiser. I decided to not transfer any of my equips due to the possibility of having two classes that can boss. However, I have some questions on funding. 1) How much %str should I aim for on the potentials of my equips? 2) What potential should I get on my weapon, secondary and emblem? 3) What is the preferred %boss and PDR? 4) Also, i'm aiming to cap on my kaiser so should I prime all of my equips or is it okay to spell trace them? 5) I also have a 4/7 30% spell traced 21% str pants that I was scrolling for my dark knight. If it's better to prime my gear would it be better to innocent it and then prime it? 6) How many stars should I aim

General Darkknight

Dark Knight Hellux Tips Recently, I have tried to attempt hellux but, I have came across an big issue when attacking the eyes. Dark impale is unable to hit the eyes. This is a major inconvieinece due to gungnir's descent only being able to attack when in sacrifice or final pact. Added to that, the duriation of sacrifice and/or final pact is lowered due to having to go down to the bottom floor and kill the monsters. So my question is, what is the most time efficient way to defeat the monsters on the bottom as a dark knight and would the Warring States Manifesto skill from sengoku high help in Hellux? Also are there any tips I can have for soloing Hellux as a dark knight?