Can Nexon really Roll Back? Nexon has done a great job as a whole keeping the game as fair as possible and giving the hackers a hard time as well as keeping it's greedy but loyal fan base happy (somewhat). The servers being brought down in light of the cube exploit is a bit alarming in the sense that we have no idea how many items were created, how fast they were distributed; more importantly, what Nexon is going to do next. With this being said, rumors of a roll back are being circulated and it could be true. Although this hasn't been done in many years, can Nexon actually do this? This would be completely unfair seeing as though many players have used the recent miracle time to change their equips drastically. How can they do this knowing


Lets Talk About How Nexon Feels Okay, yeah. Nexon is a professional company and they should have, in lamest terms, their "sht" together. They have done this on many occasions, but still. Think about them for a second. How long has this patch been on for? 15-16 hours? This means they have been working on the clock for hours and hours and hours on end, obviously people are switching shifts at least and they may have some confusion at their offices. Or, if not, these programmers have been analyzing, fabricating, and implementing code for 16 HOURS on end. That's incredible that they are still going. Not to mention, programming takes massive problem solving skills and logical thinking to get it done in the most clean and efficient way.

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How Can I Get Better Range On My Kaiser? Hey Kaiser People. I just recently decided to start funding a kaiser and so far I have like 5x% str and a clean sword. I'm purchasing a 208att sword on the weekend but, I will still only do about 180k per hit with giga wave untransformed (atm, i do 120k). I have minimal gear at the moment, i have yet to convert my thief gear into working warrior gear. Can anyone link me to an in-depth kaiser analysis and how the class functions? Because I mastered everything there is to know about DB and I moved on. Now I want to know about the kaiser class and where it's strength comes from and how to calculate damage and things of the sort. Also, I want to know which core equips will increase my range the most and

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