Can someone explain the mystic gate event? The patch notes arent that helpful. and I really wanna anvil a ht ab t-shirt. :3 From the patch notes: Mystic Gate Reopening September 5 - October 4 Requirement: Levels 75 and above The Mystic Gate is reopening in Henesys, Pantheon, and Leafre. Enter to kill bosses 5 times a day on weekends! Accept quests from Doctor Moon to obtain EXP from the bosses killed. The Bosses Zakum, Horntail, Von Leon, Hilla, or Arkarium will randomly summon into the Mystic Gate map. A 15-minute timer will start once the boss appears. Reward boxes will be given to players based on their ranking: 1 box for every player that deals damage to the boss 2 boxes for 5th player ranking 3 boxes for 4th player ranking 4 boxes for

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