General Kaiser

4th job kaiser transformation color change? I've been looking for the main armor color change coupon for the 4th job transformation, but all I see in the tempest shop are 3rd job ones for the armor. and the only 4th job color change i see its basically for the glow of the armor and the color revert which basically changes it back to the default black and gold... So my question is if this is a glitch or am I suppose to go to another npc to get the 4th job main armor color change for transformation , I really would like to change the color from the default black..

General Demonslayer

A hyper skill boss video Finally a few videos I could see how the skills work. I thought id share these with my fellow Demonslayers. We may be currently Average/Underpowered (at the moment) just stick it out things get interesting. Enjoy (level 189 DS vs HT) ;feature=relmfu (level 196 unfunded DS vs PAP) ;feature=relmfu ( level 184 DS vs ZAK) ;feature=related (level 197 DS vs CHT) Edit :;feature=relmfu (level 200 DS vs Hilla) Edit 2:;feature=relmfu ( level 156 DS vs CZAK) ;feature=relmfu ( level 200 DS vs Empress) (low screen resolution)

General Demonslayer

Confused about Demon slayers dmg I recently got very confused about demonslayers dmg wise. I know their not a dmg dealing class. I atleast expect a bit more. I happened to be messing around with atk buffs form events that stack. It all happened to stack up to 100k range including my buffs. Meta/mw 10 I proceeded to tot to ob 4, to test dmg, my Demon thrash was only doing 170ks non crit 210k crits. It left me confused because even my drk hits higher than that with dark impale at a 60k buffed range Demon cry was no better either With the buffs I was only hitting 160ks 190k crits Im just confused I know ds have gotten nerfed by most classes break 200k dmg before this range easy... is lash and cry's display of dmg bugged? or no? Question 2: wha

General Paladin

Paladin or Demonslayer I wanted to create a new character but I cant really choose. Ive made a thread about this before but I didnt get the responses I seeked. They both have great def and status resist. They both have health recovering skills. Demonslayers have more dark (ish) animations. Pallys have multiple elements. I know they arent dmg dealing classes but I love they can survive. So lets say they both have received their revamp. Demon slayer with their rebuff along with mercs and Cs. And pallys revamp along with heroes and drks , Which is more worth playing or does it even matter?

General Aran

What to do at 200? So I reached 200 about a month or two ago. But I've noticed their isn't really much to do, since most people just relax in henesy and guilds just doesn't seem to matter these days. Well at least from what I can see in my server. People don't usually host boss runs for the simple fact most of them just bot the crap out of bosses. I don't rely one people to boss, its just the joy of bossing with friends and guildies just makes it exciting. I'm really bored of relaxing in henesy ,So I ask what do you fellow arans do once your 200.

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