General Gms

Windia scammer Ign: "Tamirevo1", farm name "myarm123", kicked out of guild already. Tried scamming unique pot service. I used guardian scroll on an already scrolled pinnacle ring so there was no way he could pull something funny. Stupidly it seems he didn't know what a guardian scroll was and even after warning him about trying to scam, he still goes off happily 1% clean slating some random equip, and calling it a fail. In the screenshot you can see that he says scroll failed, while the ring still has guardian scroll active.

General Xenon

Another name thread Hi guys help me choose :~( Birthplace (Place of birth) Celestrum (Play of letters on "Celestrium", metal mimicking gold) Cishe~~~(idk) Degravitate(Cause xenon can fly) Oocyst~~~["A cyst containing a zygote formed by a parasitic protozoan such as the malaria parasite"] Phleyx ~~~(Play on "Fleyx" that famous night lord) Triphe ~~~(idk, but some people like this one) Edit: none have substituted i for l, rest assured. Xenon will be new main so this is sorta-kinda important, Thanks :'D