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The end of the Clintons!

November 9, 2016

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sounds kinky

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and to think 4chins is the actual reason trump is president. the meming a couple years ago caught on with the masses and /pol/ created the most powerful person on the planet. it's a field day over there

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@neveraddaplayer why copy paste that? I hope you didn't write that yourself cause it is cringe af

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it was lit as af fam. watching that election got me hella crossfaded suh dude in deed. imho

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The amazing lesson you can take from this is to never judge anything by it's looks, smells, what it's made of, and other amazing variables. I understand that this is an oft repeated theme or idea that you have been constantly exposed to in your lifetime, but hear me out on this one example. The example I must show you, is the eight-year veteran of the presidential position of the United States. That's correct, my example is Barack "Hope and Change" Obama, the first African American president in United States History.

Now, Obama was elected in 2008 to tears and standing ovations and all those other loud and clear declarations of joy and hope that most presidents receive when they win. It was hoped that he would change the country, bring order and justice and peace within the fractured and damaged nation. Unfortunately, these hopes were sadly crushed slowly over the years as his policies were implemented in uninspired and hotly contested ways. His promises of making America great again were soon shown to be nothing but dust and ashes, blown away quicker by the sands of time than most presidents in our storied past. It is of course, not all his fault, as these cases most generally come down to in the end but nonetheless, he is at fault for a sizable portion of this failure. In his case, our dashed hopes come down to judging the book by it's cover instead of what actually lay inside. And for that crime, the only fault lies with the American people for having such high expectations driven by an unrelenting hype campaign.

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w000000000000000000000000000t !

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