An influx of 2014 or blob characters

So a lot of my friends have been gaining mysterious likes on their player pics from new accounts with no players added. What is going on? Are they bots?




October 25, 2014

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I think when this thread was created, AugustRain went from #1-10 to #25

Reply October 26, 2014

@AugustRain: <3

Btw, it's more like 100+.... My Blaze Wizard had 1or 2 likes last week. Now I have 108... o.o

Reply October 26, 2014

whoever is like god, these basil IDs are perfect

Reply October 26, 2014

i'm not a friend?

no one is going to believe me but I wasn't even aware there was a ranking for player likes until someone pmed me a couple of days ago saying i was #3 or something.

whoever is doing this is a weirdo. who even cares about this stuff?[/quote]

omg u r love! I just didn't have your silly list of blobs. I love u! And @Elufu is my friend too : )

That's what I've been thinking. Who has the time to make 30+ chars just to like pics. ~o~

Reply October 26, 2014

[quote=Marth]maybe all of your friends just look that good[/quote]

I don't doubt that ; )

But it's not just them. Elufu & Phonetics & a hell lot of other people have been getting a lot of likes too.

Reply October 26, 2014

Looks like the bots forgot about me.

Reply October 26, 2014