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So I used to watch anime and read manga back in the days and stopped doing the whole thing back in 2006.
I used to watch [i]FMA[/i], [i]Death Note[/i] and [i]Green Green[/i] in Japanese with English Subs and then rewatched it in English Dub.

From that day I prefered watching the English Dub version because I can enjoy the visuals and understand the words.
While the Sub versions I have to read + had to keep up with the visuals so no matter what happened I had to keep my eyes on the screen, and sometimes I do like to look away because someone else will be talking to me or I have to read/answer a text or email.

During my absent of anime I continue watching [i]DBZ[/i] fights/transformations on YouTube because it is a cool thing to watch.

But I recently watched [i]Digimon[/i] (watched [i]Digimon Adventure[/i] to [i]Digimon Tamers[/i] as a kid) and stopped at the [i]Data Squad[/i]
Because the rest of the episodes were in Japanese.

I got recommended to watch [i]Sekirei[/i] and I watched that show because it was English Dub.
Then got recommended to watch [i]Kill la Kill[/i] but I see that show is in not in English Dub but has English Subs but I really want to watch it.

Hey I wanted to know your opinion on either Dub version or Sub version of a show.
What are your Pros and Cons watching it Sub version or Dub versions.

February 8, 2014

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@whatthefail did you mean dub's ?

Cowboy bebop does have some of the best dub's around, or best i've heard anyway, they suit the characters so well

Not normally a fan of Dub's , Japanese people have a more appealing " shout" in my opinion , and with a lot of action anime's there's a lot of shouting

The origional gundam win has good dub's

Seem to remember Big O having good dub's , by good dub's i mean better than dragonball Z dub's

Yugioh has good voices

Another anime I found the Dub's better than the sub( cowboy bebop) is irresponsible captain taylor , the english/american voice actor for that show really get's it spot on , the can't remember what the rest of the characters sound like, all decent enough, but the main character is worth watching it for alone, same with cowboy bebop dub's , ALL the characters have amazingly perfect voices , like spot on

Reply February 9, 2014

Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop had amazing dubs
Most of the dub for Gantz was good, although some parts were quite stupid

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depends on personal preference, really. also, some subs can be as cringe-worthy as bad dubs.
as for me, i prefer the original dub, with few exceptions (such as Dragon Ball, Yu-gi-oh, and maybe a few others)

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The majority, if not all of the dubbed Anime I've enjoyed were action series'. Off the top of my head:
Death Note
Cowboy Bebop
Big O
Gundam Wing/Seed

I'd never watch an SoL dubbed.

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