New Eye and Face accessory drops

How much would one sell these for, the Aquatic Eye Accessory and the other new face accessory, and how rare are they drop-wise?

December 8, 2014

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[quote=QuantumLegend]They look cool but dont have any visual effect[/quote]

I do like this: we can now anvil ugly glasses / mask / tattoo into perm 'transparent' gear.

Reply December 8, 2014

10mil or less lmao

they're really common

Reply December 8, 2014

They look cool but dont have any visual effect

Reply December 8, 2014

Good to know thanks. Kinda surprising they're not rare being pretty good face/eye equips

Reply December 8, 2014

Yeah I get a bunch from zak. Theyre actually good replacements for some gear on my chars but theyre going to be so common you wont get much for em

Reply December 8, 2014

Not much I don't think. I saw a few in the fm for a few mil unsold. Also I get like 1 every 1-2 zakum runs so it's not too rare either

Reply December 8, 2014