How did Ms2 go from this to this

Seamless level design
[url=]Pre-Maplestory 2 [/url]

Lackluster cube garbage [url=]Post-Maplestory 2[/url]

July 29, 2014

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Sigh...people are still complaining over the cubic graphics? There is a reason why they chose those graphics. As stated above it makes things a lot easier to customize. This game is going have a lot of user generated content. Which will ultimately make the game more enjoyable. You want another WoW or Dragon Nest game? Please I want something different than the generic mmo. I loved cubeworld and it sucks that game didn't take off as it was suppose to take off. This game might actually do what cubeworld should have done.

Reply July 30, 2014

I prefer it this way because it makes it more unique.

Also as stated above, it makes it easier for new more customizable content.

It also makes it more organized and easier to use stills as character's are not limited to moving on a block (Like diablo or league)

Reply July 30, 2014

The game world is going to work much like maplestory's world, map-to-map.
The cubes made it easy for a destructible environment, customizable housing system and user generated content.
So honestly it's actually better that they went with a terrain based off of voxels

Reply July 29, 2014

I think it's better this way. It would of looked similar to Dragon Nest and lagged more

Reply July 29, 2014