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Buff Duration not working?

Well I just got 38% buff duration on one of my lines in inner and plus our 20% card that makes 58% buff duration. I decided to test this out on our For Liberty 200 skill and it doesn't work? It only lasts 60seconds which makes me sad </3 Can anyone else confirm? Might try with our other buffs later

June 30, 2014

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[quote=Takeback3r]Unless you're a DB, no it wouldn't.[/quote]

Dark Knight too have good use of buff duration

Reply July 5, 2014

[quote=NaakteShadow]I think att/%att would be the best this to get as a Mech..[/quote]

Yea I'm sad I had a 21 attack unique inner lol. There doesnt exist % att for inner I believe

Reply July 4, 2014

[quote=inuyou]get crit %[/quote]

Whys that? I already have a 75% critical chance and siege mode is already 100%.

Reply July 2, 2014

get crit %

Reply July 2, 2014

Hyper Skills are NOT effected by buff duration.

Reply July 1, 2014

[quote=BRSlove]this would prob be one of the best on a non mech[/quote]

Unless you're a DB, no it wouldn't.

Reply June 30, 2014

Oh guess il have to just redo inner even though this would prob be one of the best on a non mech

Reply June 30, 2014

What @RicePaddyHero said. Buff Duration does not affect any Hyper Skill.

Reply June 30, 2014 - edited

Correct me if I'm wrong but that's the hyper skill correct? And I thought buff duration doesn't affect hyper skills o.o Although, my 38% buff duration seems to be fine on my Dice and Overclocking, etc.

Reply June 30, 2014 - edited