Nvidia shield now 250 bucks and free shipping USA/Canada

I am so getting one

November 29, 2013

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Regarding the 4k video playback on this thing: so it just ports 4k videos stored in its memory onto 4k TVs? How will it even store more than a single 4k movie with only 16GB flash storage, when you consider the fact you'll have other entertainment on it?

I know next-to-nothing about this product, so what makes it worth $250? The display is average (1280x720, 294ppi) despite the fact it's supposed to be used for media consumption, the dimensions are rather bulky to fit in normal pockets, it weighs 2 times more than a Nexus 7 (imagine carrying two 7-inch tablets in your pants), and it only has a single storage option (16GB). Is this even supposed to leave your house?

edit: disregard my flash storage comments. I read further and noticed it has expandable storage.

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[quote=Newspaper]Tigerdirect has it for $226 if you check out with V.ME by visa. But you get the extras with Newegg.
I would get this but I've already finished my Black friday shopping.[/quote]

What did you get man?

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[quote=Newspaper]It's an android based gaming handheld. It has the tegra 4. Great for emulators and streaming PC games to it.[/quote]

Cool, thanks!

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I don't even know what that is.

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I'll wait for a christmas bundle thingy

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I am so not getting one.

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I would buy one if I had a graphics card to support it. Guess I'll wait till next year.

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