General Kanna

How does hakus blessing work alright i recently perfected my fafnir fan equiped it and it raised my range accordingly, but if i decided to use my old fan still as the main and use my fafnir as a secondary i gained 40k more range when haku blessed with it. because with my stats: on the old fan 164+12[pot] m att + fanir as a secondary 330*(50%)= 291 total m att resulted in 40k more range(although no pdf and boss damage added). than using the fafnir as a main 330 m att + the old fan 164 *(50%)+12[pot adds on directly]= 424 total m att From what my i believed i thought blessing is based off of 50% of the fans magic power. Any thoughts?

General Updates

Are there some cities Ms fails to run in? As the title said MS fails to run in Los Banos for me as i visit some family (not my home town which usually works just fine). i have tried on a PC and laptop they both fail to play here, yet in my home town they work just fine. i get this message every time without fail "You have been disconnected from the login sever." i have also tried logging in from gamelaucher and online both have resulted the same, it loads up and closes shortly after before i can even select my world server. Has anyone else had this issue? i also tried uninstalling and re installing MS as well. any help/insight would be greatly appreciated :)