Question about Bishop Attack Speed

Hey fellow Bishops,

I have a question about attack speed. I was wondering what's the max speed for a bishop?
We have magic booster, and RI hyper. How much speed is that? and what's the max speed?

I recently got Descent Speed infusion from the nodes and I tried to test out the difference when using DSI and not using it but I couldn't see any difference in the attack speed o_o (maybe i have an eye problem and a hearing problem but i can't tell the difference)

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

January 12, 2017

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@superbr: You don't need inner ability to get max speed if you use decent si and benediction with at least 10K +int. The only downfall to that is even at level 25 (max level benediction) there is a 25 second cool down where one will not be hitting constant max speed. I personally use inner attack speed to make it easier to hit constant speed cap.

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Do you need Inner Ability or not for maximum speed atk?

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Thanks guys, that was really helpful ^__^

Reply January 13, 2017

I think bishop's speed starts at speed cap 6 with no buffs or anything which you can get down to cap speed 2. You'll need to use a green pot from Monster Park to break the speed cap past 2. Bishops start off at normal 6, booster -2, RI -1, green pot -1 is speed cap 2. You can use Decent SI instead of a green pot to get to speed cap 2; however you wont be able to break the cap unless using a green pot.

To maximize speed you'll want to do:

Booster -2, RI -1, green pot -1, decent si -1, inner or 5th job (need 10k int to get attack speed bonus) -1 and you'll be able to get to speed cap 0.

If you can't see or hear a difference in your speed you can always buy a Mu Lung Dojo Scarecrow Dummy and use the battle statistics found under the menu button (3 line icon) to check out the total # of attacks AR does when using speed buffs.

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Hey fellow Scanian

You might have reached soft cap speed, try with a Green MPE potion that you can buy from the Monsterpark shop.
I don't notice any difference either on my NL but with the Green MPE potion or Speed Attack Rune it will bypass the soft cap.

A post from 2014, read the comments, there are some useful information and youtube video.

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