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Welcome to Wishful Thinking Fridays! I got 2 votes or continuing to do these kinds of threads so I'd say that's some pretty good reception!

I'm gonna do them on Fridays so I can call them WTFs, that's the only reason.

Anyway, today's topic is worlds! What changes would you make to Maplestory's world (server) system? I figure it's pretty topical since the world transfer event is going on and all.

Reminder that there's no expectation that the ideas will be implemented and there's no need to worry about balance. This is based on a series of threads from the Binding of Isaac subreddit that sought to make items more interesting above all else.

My idea would be for all non-reboot worlds to merge into 2 or 3 servers, and for world transfers to be a permanent addition, resetting weekly, so you can transfer all your characters to the other world but have to wait a week to transfer them back. It would remove the permanence that moving servers has and would allow everyone to gain the various benefits that merged servers provide, like easier attendance muling.

How bout you guys? What changes would you make to Maplestory's worlds in order to make them more interesting?

September 29, 2017

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Hello friends, I would like to propose an idea for Maplestory depleting population.
Please leave your votes in.

We just need one world. Divide everyone by race for each channel so people don't get angry and confused.

Asian server - Good discipline people, everyone is treated with respect.
White server - Everyone is fighting with each other over correcting each others English grammars.
Black server - Don't go here it's ghetto and has lots of toxic and violent players.
Indian and Indians from Asia server - Expect a lot of fake advertisement and weird people calling
you on the phone to scam you if they stalk you enough to know your personal info.
Etc, etc.... and so on....

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I hope the cash shop inventory could be shared by all the characters in the same world (legendary, heroes, and explorers)

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@ecarina: I don't know if it's much of an issue anymore, but I feel like people could just go around, scamming people and causing trouble, and then transfer worlds and act like nothing happened.

In my opinion there should either be one giant world or a smaller number of worlds with no transferring, and each of those worlds is suited for a particular playstyle. (i.e Reboot is for people who want to play Reboot-style, and then have one world where party play is a huge factor, and another world where people can do stuff solo, etc.)

Idk, I just don't see the point of multiple worlds if people are able to transfer willy nilly.

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@helpingly: Well how exactly could it be abused? The 1 week timer is supposed to keep them at least a little separate. I do think there should be more than 1 world so people aren't forced to be in the same world as each other, there are some flat out evil people who play this game. Granted, moving worlds to run from someone isn't a great strategy either, but still.

From the perspective of someone whose world's economy was destroyed by this world xfer and who lost a lot of friends to it, I don't really see the downside of allowing inter-world trading and non-permanent transfers. Also I don't think making it cost a lot of nx is viable now with Legion mules.

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I wish my Storage slots I had from Broa came with my characters on Bera, wen't from max to 4...

Wish all the dead servers merge only have 2 worlds and reboot.

Wish people would sell their items that are over meso cap for meso instead of cash..

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Well if you could transfer that often then what's the point of even 2 or 3 worlds. At that point there might as well just be one world right?

Plus I feel like changing over that often could be abused by a lot of people. If anything, changing should happen all the time but cost a boatload of NX to do, just so that it's not as abused. That's just me though.

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@beefly: Did I word it poorly?
It's basically just supposed to be another workshop thread, where you make suggestions for what would make the worlds in MS more interesting. Like the weapons thread from a few days ago.

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I see this thread with an image of a cute avatar anime girl on the top left corner and I think, wow that's cute. I wish I knew what she's saying.

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