Maple Community Split into 2 From the past few posts this week regarding if u love/hate/play/don't play, i've observed that there is a distinct division in the maple community consisting of die hard maple fans and jack-ass pessimists (i lean towards the latter group.) Of course there's the grey area where people are neutral on the situation or are just casual players, no big deal. in contrast, i think those posts really helped bond the basil community bc now we know the perspectives of other basilers. we now know each others true we can have a fun time arguing over maple story!! I'm a hoe for drama! honestly after typing this, I'm over it cos its inane to be so worked up over a game aimed towards kids... ima hypocrite cos i sti

General Art

drawing ur basil avatar hallo if u want a half hearted scribble of ur character pls comment ur favorite dessert ! let me tell u rn im not picasso im just a weeb... i grab an index card and doodle when I'm procrastinating on schoolwork. aka i won't be consistent in quality, style, and timing sorry. I'm not trying to improve, only trying to relieve stress ;-; [[p.s. armor and men are hard to draw for me]] doobles: 1. (example) 2. (example 2) 3. 4. 5. 6. (I'm sorry i gave up.. i am unable to capture your true manliness :() [[this is where art style changes]] 7. (i gave up on this one too.. your character is so detailed) 8. (i drew your character from memory cos i was at school LOL but u updated ur avatar.. boyfriend material) 9. (crazy evan la

General Fashion

Choose an outfit lt3 Female I made a new lumi in Bera, and now that i've leveled up I want to make her cute! Help me choose a pixelated outfit from #1-6. :^) The key for these looks is coordination, and I tried my best to choose hair/eyes that compliment each other. Don't worry about the clothes, they're there so the girls aren't nude ^^ My style is a little bit hene-hoe oriented and girly. Comment your favorite outfit(s), your least favorite(s), why, and be brutally honest. They're just pixels so no hard feelings. Have fun analyzing! :) OUTFITS #1-6 : P.S. If it's easier for you, you can rate them on a scale of 1-10. <3

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