General Bowman

Wa albatross Question this has been stated before and I thought it was normal but Im starting to think is glitched or something.... in the world server slection and teaser trailer of cygnus revamp we were able to see that advanced albatross gave u no only the green eyes but a light tint green in your hair plus a green cape (this last happen no matter what cape u had equipped) so after reaching lvl 126 I noticed that Max Adv Albatross wont give such a modification to the char is it normal or the teaser trailer and world slection screen is wrong... BTW i thought that the green cape could appear if I equipped the original cygnus cape but it doesnt so I think theres something wrong ._o"


Problem Patching Please Help OK guys I have a problem.... is the second time patching the first time the patch went right and fully complete but after patching I was not able to enter game... GameLauncher gave a Scheduled advise and if I open maple from Website is give error on some .dll file so I decide to re-Patch since i have the files for maple from 1.39 but now it doesnt go past (3/3) Creating: Base.wz and if I go to website and log in the option below Play option keep loading :S so.. guys could u tell me if maple is down right now or experience some kind of problem from website?

General Kaiser

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