I Cant Believe Im Asking This ...but...what should should I make next :l I know its kind of a vague question hence why I really dont ask it but Im honestly stumped.. So far Ive made: An I/L, CB, DW, Bucc, DrK, BaM, Aran, BM and a Bishop. I really have no idea which class to make next. Im thinking of going back to my BaM or even making a MM but Im afraid Ill get bored fast of the MM. My friends also suggested to make a sair but iunno :s So I could really use Basil's opinion. Im not interested in any type of thief, mechs, WHs and of course Kocs. Thanks alot for your help :)

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I Need Help Picking a Name ...for my [url=] Black Capped Conure[/url](Not thats not mine but its similiar looking) I'm sort of bad at naming my horrible... Named my budgie Bird and my African grey Kasookoo (Means bird) I've thought up a couple names (More like googled >.>) and these are the ones I liked the most. I like Atticus but it is a long word and I do wish for my conure to be able to say his name. Not sure if he'll be able to learn it. Next up is Bo...its just..simple and cute :3 Last is Bruce. My friend suggested it and I think it sort of fits Ofcourse if you guys have any other names, I'm open to them :)

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Price Check On Some %Str Stuff, So I might quit my drk for my BaM. Not sure yet, but if I do decide to, I'll be selling my drk's equips ;3 So could I get price checks on: 16str 6%str 2 slot ham'd twice 2line blue neos top(epic) 19dex 6%str ham'd 2line green neos pants(epic) 12 speed 6%str 2line level 90 warrior shoes(epic) 6%str 10str 3%dex rose earrings 3line(epic) 6%str clean Scar helm(dex) 2line(epic) 4% str 2line clean spec goggles(epic) 12% str 13str 3atk u/h 3line taru spirit cape(unique) Thanks.

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