Whats the longest youve waited to sign up for something?

It's May 18th and I'm still not in a high school yet, 8th grade. xD

May 19, 2012

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A few years back, I helped my relatives in Hong Kong fill out the immigration forms.

It took 6 years and $1,400 USD to process.

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i don't know what BC stands for, but again, 9-12 in [b]most[/b] places

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[quote=Henesys]I thought high school was grade 10.

I got my high school letter in the mail yesterday, and I still didn't open it o-o[/quote]

9-12th in most places.

OT: erm, i'm sure i've procrastinated many a time...

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By the time I enrolled for high school, I was already there. Taking summer classes. A couple weeks before the start of school.

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I applied for some schools on the day of the deadline. Mailed it too, but still got in.

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[quote=Demonlord]You have to sign up for Highschool?[/quote]

What I meant is enroll, but I'm pretty sure that sign and enroll have similar meanings.

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