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How to make realistic sounding driving times for log sheet? So I have almost held my permit for a year, I got it July 25 last year, after I turned 16. I didn't know where to get the log sheet and I forgot/was too lazy to write down every single time I drove (cause it was always like 15 mins or 30 mins or something) so now I have the official log sheets and I don't know the most accurate way to fill them out. What would look believable? Do you think if I said 1 hour every other weekend and random 30 minutes on Sundays (church) and a small amount of 15 minutes (driving home from work) every once in a while would look inconspicuous enough?

General Shade

What are some good horror movies I'm looking for creepy, scary stuff. Not necessarily jump scares, although those could be included, but stuff that puts you on edge the whole time and you want to look away because you're frightened that you'll see something which won't allow you to sleep. So far I've watched: Insidious Insidious Chapter 2 The Conjuring Paranormal Activty (all of them) Cabin in the Woods The Evil Dead (1981) The Shining The Blair Witch Project Sinister Carrie (2013) I just watched Carrie this afternoon, and it wasn't really scary but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Mostly cause of the main girl (Basil censored the name), who made me even happier when she started killing everyone. That was just a good plot and a good movie IMO. The