Keyboard Layout?

Not sure if it matters but I'm getting to late game at lv 191. Besides spamming Hitokiri Strike endlessly, how have you all mapped out your keyboard?

Not sure if it matters but my range is only ~500k, so I'm pretty much looking for efficiency in damage, while being as mobile as possible.

November 28, 2016

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@chickensoul I was looking more for mobility and damage when moving around higher level maps, like Graveyard or something.

Bossing seems pretty simple but since we're on the subject, and let me know if there's a better way to boss, I generally just buff up, get into boss stance, Hitokiri once for the +Crit%, stand on the boss, use Sudden Strike, then use Rai/Shinsoku until the boss dies lol

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I'll edit in my keyboard layout later since I don't currently have access to it, but you should aim for something that's comfortable for you. I cast all attacking skills with my left hand except for the ones that have cooldowns.

Are you trying to be efficient with bossing or training? Because bossing really doesn't entail much.

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