Best way to get RP and cubes in game? So I used to boss a lot mainly for cubes, but even doing most dailies (Zak, Hilla, HT, RA, Krexel) it seems really hard to get cubes from them. I do get some RP but even after a week it seems like it's not enough to get cubes. I'll continue to do this, but the thing is I'm a little stuck on farming for Elites, cos it does seem to be a far more reliable way and there's no "limit" to how many I spawn, as long as I spend enough time in game. However, soon my schedule's going to get pretty tied up and I won't be able to farm for Elites as much as I could over break and I'm wondering what you guys are doing to fund yourself in game, if you had to pick only one method to fund yourself. Also, are there any oth

General Pirate

Possible Job change Playstyle and Bossing of a Corsair? I haven't gotten very far on a Corsair before and I'm wondering how it fares late game compared to Cannoneers? Cannons seem pretty simple to me in playstyle, and it's something I enjoy a bit. However, one thing I am taking issue with is the attack speed. It's just. Well, yeah. So anyway if I were to change to Corsair, how would you describe it's gameplay? I've looked through the skills and it seems that at the moment, Sairs are extremely, extremely reliant on summons and it's heavily RNG based. Do you find not using the summons (I don't really like keeping track of them) detrimental to your DPS? But if not bossing (and just mobbing), what do you guys generally think of Corsairs compare

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Which class do you think is more sustainable? Kind of at a crossroads between NLs and DBs. Trying to make a decision sometime but I'd like your help. I'm not comparing for damage because it's really a second priority for me. I'll get there when I get there, with different ways I can boss and make money and whatnot. Either way, from what I understand, the apparently massive differences in DPS assumes so many things that the lower end player can't achieve, such as dSI and MPE green pots on all the time, hitting cap when it was 50m, etc. Again, damage isn't really what I'm looking for. Inb4 "play what you like." I like both classes in their ways but I haven't gotten far enough in the game to really understand the ins and outs of training on di


Best way to go about fund myself? I know there are a lot of guides and a lot of different opinions out there, but everybody's situation is different so I decided it'd be best to share my circumstances and receive some feedback for what I can do. So I've recently come back to Maple and I'm playing on a very, very broke character with rather poor equips. At the moment I'm not looking to make hundreds of Mil in a week quite yet (though I could always do with suggestions for how to make money faster, as my life would be much easier), as much as I am trying to prepare myself for future Spell Fever events, Miracle Times, and other events where I can collect scrolls and other upgrades, etc. My daily routine has been doing what few dailies I can (a


Bosses to grind on? It's been a while since I've trained on Maple and I just created a new DB (never really mained a thief before; have no equips going for it) and I'm looking forward to bossing more than I am grinding. However at the moment it's only 125 and has a pitiful 30k range haha. Besides Normal Zakum and Easy/Normal HT, are there any bosses I could efficiently grind on? Or would I be better off spending my time training elsewhere at like Monster Park or something? Thanks!

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