Looking for Ra Mage equips

Anyone in bera know anyone or have RA top bottom hat and/or staff? I want to buy some

September 21, 2013

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I had a buyer for one of my mage RA hats at 2b not all that long ago, I still have another and if they're becoming that hard to find, I'll probably hold onto that one til I get another 2b offer. It could be that people aren't getting them from philosophers book as much as the other RA equips.

Reply September 22, 2013

That's what's happening with the other classes But i just don't see very RA Mage gear

Reply September 21, 2013

I find them but there like 3 b a piece and that's op

Reply September 21, 2013

I havent been able to find any either

Reply September 21, 2013