Price check on Advance Equip Enhancement!

Someone told me that scroll worth about 1 bil.
Then I google'd and saw a old basil thread saying that it worth only 500~600 mil.
Now my auction hit up to 750 mil.
Actually, another guy in Scania also placed a 750 mil offer.
So now I have two people offering 750 mil.
So my question is, is 750 mil a decent price for this scroll?
Or can I get more than that?
What's the highest price this scroll can get up to? x)
Thanks for all the help!

February 25, 2011

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Oh, thanks.
It was in my store for 800 mil, put it back to 1 bil.
I don't really need the money right now since I don't know what to do with that much money.
The most I ever earn on Maple was 300 mil.
This amount of money seem scary to me! >w<

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@ Above; Lols, Thank you! ^w^

I just saw the feedbacks of the guy who bid 750 mil on Basil.
Don't think he's a trusty customer.

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its usually around 500m-800m, so you are getting the better end of the deal i guess

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Yeah it is a good price...IMO, cuz I had one and then no one really offered and I sold it for around 475 ;( . Just wait for a high offer that you believe is decent.

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