verizon fios router/frontier isp help accessing maplestory hello basilers, I just moved to a new place and was accessing maple fine, however the router reset and I can't access the maple site or nexon launcher. Same thing happens when I go to my aunt's place, and she uses a verizon fios router with frontier as an isp as well. I don't think it's a computer related issue, but more so of a router settings issue as I can access and log into the game just fine from a university location. Does anybody have any experience with verizon fios routers/frontier isp that can help me? any help is appreciated

General Bowman

need help with cubing for bowmasters hello lovely pples of basil, i need some help with some questions regarding cubing for bowmasters. I will make some statements, and can you lovely people comment on whether I am right or wrong? Best... 1. bowmasters have high %dmg skills. dat means we hate %dmg and always reroll it.. 2. vellum means 90% pdr, and rest into %att and %boss. however, i heard you should always keep %att because its value is better. t or f...? 3. emblem's value is pdr lines because it is lower tier... wep and secondary main pot have higher main pot boss lines.. but bpot lines can attain high % stat.. so I should be aiming for % 21att bonus pot on both wep and secondary.. and perhaps 3 lines of att on main pot/2 lines of att +

General Bowman

tyrant glove pot & soul question should i be aiming for max or min crit? perhaps % stat? looked at threads and a lot of people seem to be differing. some people say that now whichever crit is lower gets switched, although I have no idea what this means. also want to know what soul to get - saw a vid where magnificent cygnus recognizes mobs faster although her att speed is the same as magnificent magnus. is a magnificent murgoth better? or should i settle for the dex murgoth soul since it's + stat n cheaper. any advice is appreciated.

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