How well do Arans flow?

I hate to be the guy to come in and ask how a class is, but really, how are Arans?
When they first came out I got mine to about 95 (preBB) and got hacked. When I came back I returned to my Shadower.
They took combos out? Like literally?
I remember before Dawnveil, people were saying they were just hardhitting and really slow.
I don't really care for damage as I loved Aran's style so much, but did removing combos and all that just ruin the class?
Also could some Arans post their damage ranges and tell how much they hit per line?

December 12, 2013

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It's just not the same anymore, but our damage is much better

Reply December 15, 2013

[quote=Gonny]300k range and about 2m - 2.5m per line on gollux[/quote]
I have to say that's kind of disappointing. What's your % Boss?
Are they still fun with the combo changes?

Reply December 14, 2013

Arans have much better mobility now, since combat step's travel distance was increased to around what feels like double of what it used to be.
Overswing's also faster and your basic attack hits for 2 lines now, although it doesn't link with final blow anymore.

Attack wise, you either just use overswing or you use final blow + beyond blade for dps, although I tend to stick to final blow if I can ohko because it has further reach.
With that said, you can use final blow as a skill on its own with the key commands or by assigning it a hotkey. When you use the key command, you don't need to use up combos either, but it's weaker than the hotkeyed version which takes 30 combos per attack.

Other skills such as combo drain and combo barrier have also become hotkey skills and do not have key command variants.

Overall, it feels more repetitive since we're moving away from the old combo system, with fewer key command skills, and because attacks barely link anymore. If you try you'll just get a delay and eventually resort to spamming a skill again.

Reply December 12, 2013 - edited