Where to train at 220?

I just hit 220 and I'm curious since I did an analysis on the places to train. So far torrent zone 3 has been the best since I can't efficiently train at dream keepers. And I don't know where else to look at to test if it's a good place to train or not. I did look at chicken festival 2 but that felt like a terrible map to train in.

May 4, 2017

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The gym

Reply May 20, 2017

Depends if you can 1 hit or not.

but I trained at Slurpy forest till 226 with a kanna though.
then Rev 3, Dance floor 1, clock tower 1.
You can also do chicken festival 2 but I never liked that spot no safe spot for my mules.

Reply May 8, 2017

Bittle Bop is less than Torrent zone but thank you for the suggestion

Revelation place 3 does feel a lot better and I'm probably going to train there so I can get symbols and a decent amount of exp. Unfortunately I never train with kishin/frenzy There aren't many around and I'd rather not pay for it lol.

Reply May 4, 2017

If you can one shot at the first floor of the clocktower I'd recommend going there or Revelation Place 3.

It's also incredibly situational, Chicken Festival sucks imo, Revelation place 3 with kishin/frenzy is amazing cause you'll get the most out of using Arrow Rain there. Otherwise Nightmare Clocktower 1 is where I go generally.

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Try bittle bop forest 1 or w/e that maps called

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