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How to make my attack range higher. BM Hi there, A lot of people ask most of the time "What is your Attack range?" I usually end up having the lower attack range then that person. My attack range is 11xxx~13.5xx Clean, and I was wondering what I need for a better attack range. My mesos can grow over time but I was just wondering what I can do. My bow is a Reverse 132 attack with 12 attack Pot. [b][/b] Cape is +5 dex, and the pot is 3% dex + 4 Dex My helm is pretty bad with 2% dex (Ravana Helm clean) Earrings with 6% dex If you can help me to upgrade things, and tell me what is best for me, Thank you.

General Bowman

Mobility for BM's. Most of you have been complaining that we have the worse mobility after Chaos, but this is what I think is a good idea to help us. How about a skill that is like wind walk for Wind Archers? But, in the walk we get a boost of 180% in speed and 5 seconds after the walk is over, we get a boost of 300% bonus damage for every attack skill we have? The cool down is 2 mins. All this in 4th job? Seems balanced to me, but what do you think? Edit: you can stay in the walk for as long as you want.

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