Thoughts on lvl200 set on Demon Avenger

Do you guys think the level 200 set would be worth upgrading to for Demon Avengers? DA doesn't benefit from the +stats from tyrants, so they only really care about the +attack on them. CRA top/bottom could potentially be traded for the level 200 overall, because 6 set level 200 gives 30% hp and a LOT of attack.

August 12, 2016

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@kryo: I remember that CRA gear still fetched a pretty high price in early 2014 (~1 year later; was released here in 2013).
It wasn't until late 2014 to early 2015 that it got pretty affordable for everyone to get a set (~2 years later).

The Arcane set will probably follow the same timeline but will probably be much more expensive than CRA, as it was that expensive even with the bosses dropping the actual set pieces every week. Arcane weapons cost 24 coins and armors cost 16 coins each. You probably only get 1 coin/week from Lucid, so that's like 5 months for a weapon and like 3 months for an armor piece for the most funded players that can actually party up to bring Lucid down.

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@risingrain Yeah I wasn't around when CRA was released. But that kinda price makes sense. Hardly anyone will be able to kill Lucid, supply will be scarce.

I guess CRA will most likely stick around for a while. How long did it take for Empress gear to become obsolete after CRA came out?

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@kryo: You must have not been here when CRA gear was first released. They didn't only cost 1b each on release ($4).
They costed roughly $50-$100 clean, back when meso was worth like 1:10 (5-10b, clean).

As the first set in nearly 4 years to even have the potential to beat out CRA/Tyrant, you're looking at $100 per piece easily once it hits Marvel Machine (before Lucid is released, of course).

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I think it's awkward to talk about 15 star tyrants especially when it comes to DAs. The stats from stars do very little for DAs, and how many people have the funds to 15 star their tyrants? Even if I did I'd feel bad from the lesser gain compared to other classes.

Going 6-piece arcane set gives you 115 atk and 30% HP over CRA. Opt for CRA top + bottom over suit to not miss out on potential lines + neb. The 115 atk is more or less equal to 2 10-star tyrant pieces, and 30% HP is pretty huge for just a set effect.

Sure if you have the funds for 4x 15-star tyrants, that will optimize your damage potential, but it's extremely cost inefficient and not for the average, or even relatively funded DA.

Even if the pieces cost like 1b each on release, that'll still be a lot more cost efficient than tyrants imo.

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@randomcity2: Wow thank you for such a detailed response. I see what you mean though about transposing to SW, I was initially going to endgame with a SW set with transposing everything, but the price of getting tyrants 12+ stars was looking waaaay out of my budget... This was actually supposed to be a poll but apparently that didn't go through when I submitted the thread? It's been a few months since I've used basil x)

Either way yeah I've been seeing the level 200 set as way cheaper than tyrants, but as you said, going to be much harder to obtain. I was thinking either 6-set with a tyrant mixed in there, or just full out 7 set if I can get traces/icogs to work properly. It's probably not optimal for full 7 set, but it may just be easier and cheaper than obtaining a 15 star Tyrant.

DA equipment is confusing x_x

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As a demon avenger you get 3190 flat hp and 20% hp more for complete Arcane Shade set vs cRA + tyrants but in exchange for that you have 149 less attack if you're using 15 star tyrants and 30% / 15% trace for hp scrolling. Considering Spell trace gives stats based on level the attack and hp gain may actually be different, but likely not by enough to make up for the 100+ attack loss. If using individual parts and not complete set however, you should definitely take the 200 set weapon and shoulder, possibly the hat if you're not using a transposed Aquarius Crown > Sweetwater hat with 24 30% hp scrolls. Though considering the attack loss, maybe it'd be ok to do full set minus the cape or boots and use a tyrant instead? With that swap out in mind the attack should no longer be a major deficit and the extra 3.2k hp and 20%hp + tier 4 potential difference it may just make up for the lack of the top + bottom combo to be relatively equal, maybe marginally better than cRA + Tyrants. Using a tranposed aquarius crown to SW instead of the arcane force hat, however would be taking the hit of 149 attack but the hp from 24 slots of 30% hp trace is actually equivalent to or better than a 15 star tyrant depending on your potential to make it better rather than just equal. With cost efficiency in mind. . . tranposing the SW hat would be way cheaper than getting a boot or cape to 15 stars so I guess you could recommend using tranposed hat but otherwise the full set as a Demon Avenger and come out as a win over cRA + tyrants for cheaper, but a hell of a lot harder to obtain.

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