A somewhat work-around for subi throwing stars

So I couldn't find Subi throwing stars in the potion shops I checked, did some research, found out they aren't around anymore. So my solution was to buy Tobi stars from Mo in NLC after finishing the Fallen Trees quest. So if you need throwing stars, read on. I think you need either a level 40 or 45 to get the quest, but you'll want a higher level character because some of the mobs are strong.

So to get the quest you need to talk to the mayor in NLC and finish his quiz, and then go into phantom forest with the taxi, and the gravestone on the left side of the map. Go up the rope into the tree portal, and you're at the map with Taggrin. He should have a quest called Fallen Trees after you do the mayor's quiz. Talk to him, go through the right responses, and start the quest. Collect 25 phantom seeds and 25 of "phantom tree" For some reason they're split into two categories. I found that trees in some maps count for one, and trees in other maps count for the other. Finish the quest, and you can now buy Tobi stars from Mo for 9k.

Hope I helped at least somebody

October 29, 2014

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thats nice that you wanted to help, thanks!
btw i think you can also buy oranges/paper plane stars in zip or showa or ninja castle or..somewhere nearby

Reply October 29, 2014