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Thunder Breaker vs Cannonner

Hey guys xD
Since we r getting a lot of psoks in the recent events i am considering quitting my DS and transfer my equips to a new char.. i would like to ask for ur opinion about those 2 classes please..
i must say that i really enjoy training and grinding so mob control is something that i would like to hv in my chars.. also i enjoy doing oz tower when i have time...
so i would like to hear the experienced players here what do u think ?


0 February 4, 2017


@arayuks: I disagree, there's not much you can do about a class's survivability especially against newer bosses. TB is lucky enough to use STR as it's main stat so I'm assuming that's where you got your tankiness from. Raising HP only helps for training, not %hp based attacks. The only other thing left is Aran's(?) card effect to recover HP, and an HP recovering familiar. At that point it's all about controls (and only control, you cannot escape like ranged classes could, you gotta get in there and deal with it).

TB's are more unforgiving when falling for hazards than most other classes.

Totally different thing if you're going with offense is the best defense and killing a boss before it can see you.

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@beefly: all classes are bad if you don't give some fund.
My TB has like 60k hp and tons of defense. never had problems you raised.

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@arayuks: tanking is madness to me, my TB only has 24k hp and a strong elite monster (as well as boss) can be a big threat.

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@beefly: I never feel squishy as TB, I just tank everything now.
I use Thunderbolt + Annihilate to boss, and dodging skill shot can be super fast without loss off time by using (assuming you wanna dodge to the right, >> and << being arrow key) ">> TidalCrash << Ascend+Thunder". This allows you to dodge attack and instantly go back to where you were.

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@arayuks: Just don't use any skills with long animation like Thunderbolt and I'm good, too bad I don't fund my TB so it's actually an issue. I just need to know the boss animations, and if I can get 1 more strong move before then, or if I should use a weaker one to gather more time to dodge (the latter is safer, but I've practiced with Blackheart and he just recovers what I dish out if I attempt to dodge, so I just spam pots and combos, made me realize how weaker I am when dodging). Like I said, I don't have that patience with TB already being pretty squishy, you do, but I don't.

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@beefly: it's not that hard to dodge with TB, as long as you know what the boss do. Utilizing Ascend and Thunder plus tidal crash basically gets you away from any boss attacks.

If you can't, you just haven't played TB enough.

-TB main

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Both have pretty good mobbing.
Thunder Breaker, being melee, requires you to move a lot more, and the chaining requires better control (but it's really fun and worth it if you master it)
Cannoneers are better for Oz. (and Lucid)

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cannoneer vs everybody

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@jananaomg: Try dodging a boss attack as TB while you're comboing. You can't do it in time because TB stays in place while chaining skills, unless you try Tidal Crash (as Flash would move you to the boss, which is what you usually don't want when dodging, most people use it after tidal crash to gain distance). You can't walk away or use FJ during combo.

The long animation of some skills won't let you move fast enough away from 1HKO moves, causing you to use attacks with faster animation to react fast enough(lightning punch+annihilate) and since your older skills don't get boosted like newer jobs do (unlike Blaster who does get that benefit) you cripple your DPS for mobility. Yes you can use Ascension+Thunder, but the real issue is trying to move while you're doing long combos which is basically all your 4th job chain combo skills.

TB is a blast to play it is probably the most fun class I've had training with, but I get frustrated when I see a boss prepare a 1HKO move and I'm trying to move away, but I can't because I'm in the middle of using Thunderbolt. So I use a faster combo, but my damage greatly suffers. You CAN have better control and know when to use faster weaker combos vs slower stronger ones, but I personally don't have that kind of patience with TB's already low survivability. I'd say TB is one of the toughest classes to have good control over.

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well right now i am training my Tb to a decent lvl cuz i already got my can to 160.. but could u explain me why did u say they r grounded? cuz as far as i see they r pretty mobile all over the map and can get to almost every platform while training... also as i mentioned i enjoy grinding much more than bossing!

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IMO both have trouble dodging, TB's link skills keep them grounded and cannoneer's animation also keeps him still (at least we can fix cannoneer if you add atk speed)
I think I would enjoy a cannoneer over TB when bossing, but a TB over a cannoneer when grinding.

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i know that i should pick w/e i like but i still would like to hear about ur exp guys..

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Thunder Breakers are really fun and nowhere near as clunky as people make them sound once you get the hang of it, but compared to a Cannoneer the differences are night and day. Choose a Cannoneer if you only want a few skills for mobbing; choose a TB if you want a more involved playstyle. Obviously the skill animations are dramatically different as well. Pick what you like.

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Try both and pick one, dood.
I like combo classes, but my opinion shouldn't brainwash you into choosing Thunder Breaker, you probably won't even like it until you try it.
I tried all three of these classes up to 200 and couldn't decide anyways.

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