Atheist people are like vegans

They always need to make sure everyone knows they don't believe in God. Every time I see a post about God or religion, there's always an Atheist on there putting down religion, but I very rarely see it go the other way. There's nothing wrong with being Atheist and there's nothing wrong with believing in God. Why do they always feel the need to put down religious people?

December 28, 2015

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@alwaysthere: No one bashes Atheists. I don't think any religious person cares if you don't have the same religion. They start to get defensive when Atheists put down their religion

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depends on what you mean by put down. you could say the very definition of atheism puts down religion because it challenges its basis. if you mean people just bashing it with insults, then it doesn't even matter that their atheists, jerks will be jerks. you can make another thread called why do x people put down y people. same thing

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Funny how you can be critical about atheism but oh my god dare you be critical of Islam and you're labeled an islamaphobe. I don't have anything wrong with religion, hell some of my favorite bands are Christian, I just wish people would stop bashing atheists.

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@kevqn lmao at church we are taught and enforced to "preach the word of god" and to " go out and make disciples"
practically shoving Christianity on people
come friends, walk alongside me while we give ourselves to the heavenly father

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Agnostics are rising up

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makes them feel superior i guess
can be as annoying as *clutches fist* apple fanboys

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@mateocl: "We also don't feel the need to put down other people, we simply put our view out there. "

The thing is, it'll be on a thread about religion. Most of the time if I see a post about someone that died or someone that is dying, people will comment "Sending my prayers to their family." and Atheists have to put that down. Someone is saying they're going to send prayers, which is not negative in anyway and you have some dbag Atheist say "Prayers don't do anything, stop believing in fairy tales."

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@juxos: It's a stereotype that Vegans always have to tell someone they're a vegan.

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vegans don't eat or kill other mammals. atheists and religious do

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See you're running into the issue where you see someone doing doing it so you assume everyone in the group does it. It's like calling all muslims terrorists because of ISIS or calling all christians racist because of the KKK. Just because a small subsection of the group is very extreme and very vocal doesn't mean that the majority are not those things. I, for example, never bring up religion or religious debate on my own. If someone else asks or wants to discuss it I will, but it's not awfully important that I tell you my own personal beliefs. There's also a negative connotation to the word atheist, because people that believe in a religion seem to be offended by the mere thought of someone that believe in nothing. We also don't feel the need to put down other people, we simply put our view out there. If that bothers you, then you need some thicker skin.

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What does this have to do with being vegan...

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I think the answer is obvious. There's a negative stigma attached to certain religions because of certain teachings, stereotypes, and actions certain followers commit based on religious faith.

You can't hate athesim because Athiests don't follow any set practices. If John, an Atheist, hates homosexuals. Then you wouldn't say he hates homosexuals because his nonbelief in deities drove him to that and therefore we must purge all athiests. You would say John hates homosexuals. And you would only dislike John for that (in this modern society).

And also. I generally see it the other way around. So idk bout you man. But I'm sick of hearing "HOW CAN YOU NOT BELIEVE IN GOD".

And I never met any vegans. Being vegan always sounds hard. So I would expect people to brag about it. I met some vegetarians and I always ask them if they ever considered going vegan and even they think it would be difficult. :O

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