Mobbing skills don't work and spell traces

Reboot question:
Is anyone else having this problem with their Battle Mages or any class in general? I use dark chain, the skill that brings the mobs to me, and it either brings 1 or 2 monsters, or they don't move at all. It's very annoying because the whole class relies on them coming to me.

Also, what are spell traces used for if we can't scroll?

December 4, 2015

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The reason your skill doesn't work, is because of lag / being in same map as others. I have tested it, and my "Rush" ONLY works when I am alone.
Hope this helps.

Reply December 4, 2015

@soulstreak: Thanks, and I'm alone and it still does it

Reply December 4, 2015

spell traces sell for 5k each and are huge meso makers. As for the BaM thing. any and all rush/pull moves break severely if you aren't alone in the map (defeats the purpose doesn't it?) it's been this way for a long time.

Reply December 4, 2015