Best business major?

Which of the following business majors is worth majoring in and later getting a masters in, and provides great job security/availability, good salaries, interesting internship opportunities, and isn't tedious/boring?:

BBA in Accounting
BBA in Economics
BBA in Information Systems
BBA in Management
BBA in General Business
BBA in Finance
BBA in Marketing
BBA in Opper & Supply Mgm

Currently I am an acct. major, but atm I am half azzing my introductory acct classes (every degree plan requires two of these) and it just seems boring and tedious to the point where I prioritize LOL and Maple over it lol. Should I start thinking about changing majors or will it get better and be less boring in the future? I find my history class to be much more fascinating.. ._.

October 14, 2015

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My friend is doing information systems - maybe you'll be into data processing / management

Reply October 18, 2015

Got mine in general management, but I would recommend a bit more specialization if you really want to succeed. Finding a niche that you fit into is how you really make it, but the first question isn't really which path is best, but rather which suits you? Any business degree has the potential to act as a step towards your goal, but it's really you yourself that makes that degree worth something. Look into all of the business degrees that you have listed to figure out which one seems the most interesting to you, and then pick that or move on to something else. Don't tie yourself down too tightly until you know that your path is one that will be rewarding to walk down, and I'm not just talking financially =P

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@fradddd: interesting could be subjective, but it's the most fast paced industry to work in, hands down.

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@ecliptic: I think most sane people would beg to differ about the "interesting and fast paced work".

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its not like your gonna become the new harvey spector

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Finance master race.

Highest salary, most interesting and fast paced work, high employee turnover though.

Also, I don't think a BBA in economics exists, Economics is it's own degree.

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What you're good at.
I think I'm doing marketing, but I wanna teach so I'm getting a teaching license too.

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Drop out and stream LoL and Maple and beg people to give you money on Patreon and Twitch.

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All business programs are designed to give you the knowledge foundation to do whatever you want with. Their ceilings are all incredibly high in terms of how much money you can make off of them, so at the end of the day it's up to you do use it properly.

I know a lot of people at my school who switched from the accounting/finance program into something like HR or Marketing because they either couldn't handle the workload, or they wanted to blow their brains out from boredom. In first year you should have a bunch of mandatory intro courses to other business areas, so my advice would be to wait it out and see which one you enjoy. It doesn't matter if your field has everything you listed if the work makes you want to shoot yourself.

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